One Point Eight Quintilian

February 15, 2013
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As I’ve been generating Minecraft world seeds I’ve started to notice a pattern. Seeds with numbers seem to produce amazing geometry much more often than seeds without. This number seed produced one of the highest caliber spawns I’ve seen since I started playing Minecraft. A can’t miss for survival and exploration fans! Seed submitted by reader 99Shiver99 through Reddit.

One Point Eight Quintilian • Seed 7

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Minecraft Seed: 1846217607240214064

One quintilian, eight hundred forty-six quadrillion, two hundred seventeen trillion,  six hundred seven billion, two hundred forty million, two hundred fourteen thousand, sixty-four.. to be exact.

In this seed you spawn at the mouth of a small river. Looming over you sits a fortress of a mountain with a massive ravine plowing through its center. It only takes a glance to see coal lining the cliffs and lava pouring past it from the walls. Just to the left sits another mountain that appears to have had a solid fourth of it sliced out and carried away at some point in time. Off to the right sits a small town tucked into the side of a third cave filled mountain.

One Point Eight Quintilian Extreme Hills Biome

There are no chests tucked into this town, however it’s hardly necessary in such a mineral rich environment. It serves well as a convenient initial shelter as well as a place to beef up for adventures. The landscape surrounding the town will continue to produce quirky terrain and stunning scenic views. However, if that’s not enough to satisfy the explorers itch the river next to town can be taken out to the ocean for far off lands.

One Point Eight Quintilian Extreme Hills Biome

Fancy exploring abandoned mine shafts while fighting off hordes of monsters in pursuit of treasure? Not far from town near the river lays a small entrance to a cave. It wont take long for it to drop straight into the tunnels of an abandoned mine shaft.

One Point Eight Quintilian Extreme Hills Biome

A minimum of eight chests lay in the tunnels of this abandoned mine shaft. Endless mobs and web covered spawners wait around every corner promising to make it a hazardous exploration. It’s going to take a well prepared warrior to recover the treasure hidden below. Adventure awaits.

One Point Eight Quintilian Extreme Hills Biome

Bonus Screen Shot:

While taking the screenshots for this post i was lucky enough to experience a chunk error that let me take a look at the cave density below the town. Turns out it’s pretty good.

One Point Eight Quintilian Extreme Hills Biome

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That freaking awesome how it goes through the mountain like that!

Dashermwa - August 15, 2013

Thank you! I’m glad to hear people are enjoying it!

Top Minecraft World Seeds - February 8, 2013

I wanted to thank you for this excellent seed!! I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it. I’ve got you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post…

Jospeh Jaimes - February 7, 2013

That was a pretty cool seed, wasn't it?

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