Mushroom Biome Seed

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When it comes the rarest Minecraft world seeds, spawning near a mushroom island sits high up on the list. So far it’s not possible to spawn anywhere but grass, making a direct hit out of the picture. However, spawning stranded on a small island cluster within sailing distance? Now that we can do!

Mushroom Biome Seed • Seed 26

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Mushroom Biome Seed Island MooShroom Most Popular Biome

Location • Spawn

This seed spawns the player on a set of two tiny islands. The only immediate resource available is a lone, short tree. Immediately replanting it will be vital in order to create much needed tools, and eventually a boat. The mushroom island is the closest I’ve seen to spawn, but it’s still a decent sail meaning food should be taken as a precaution. Mushroom Biome Seed Island MooShroom Most Popular Biome

Location • X:850 Y:30 Z:-105

A dungeon with some excellent loot can be found below the island with some digging. A spider spawner guards the two chests making for a rough assault. If victorious, the following loot can be gained along with the coal in the dungeon wall. Chest A

  • x1 Enchanted Book: Smite IV
  • x1 Enchanted Book: Unbreaking I
  • x6 Wheat
  • x1 Bread
  • x1 Bucket

Chest B

  • x1 Enchanted Book: Knockback I
  • x1 Enchanted Book: Flame I
  • x1 Iron Ingot
  • x2 Saddle

Mushroom Biome Seed Island MooShroom Most Popular Biome

Location • X:882 Y:26 Z:-116

With a little more digging an abandoned mine shaft can be discovered. Several more chests can be found inside along with some easy minerals and an ample supply of wood. The following loot can be found just inside the access point. Chest A

  • x6 Lapis Lazuli
  • x4 Pumpkin Seed
  • x4 Bread

Chest B

  • x4 Iron Ingot
  • x2 Gold Ingot
  • x2 Pumpkin Seed

Mushroom Biome Seed Island MooShroom Most Popular Biome

Location • X:358 Y:65 Z:980

Last but certainly not least after setting sail and braving the seas a large, beautiful mushroom island can be found. There are huge amounts of mooshrooms (mushroom cows) ready for sheering, milking, and producing mushroom stew. A small mountain rises out of the back of the island with a scenic pool of water, and a spectacular cliff at the top. A must play for both mushroom biome, and island survival fans alike!

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Great Seed! XD

scott - March 29, 2014

This seed is great!

Hannah - March 7, 2014

Coooooooooooooooooool 🙂

AmaterasuNPro - February 2, 2014

Plus, at location x:346 y:65 z: 1041 there is a dungeon. Keep digging till u get there xD

Camilla - December 9, 2013


Anonymous - August 21, 2013


geziel1029 - August 20, 2013

You have to sail to location • X:358 Y:65 Z:980

Top Minecraft World Seeds - June 30, 2013

which way do you sail

randy - May 26, 2013

I like moshroms LOLOLOLOLOL

Anthony - April 1, 2013

That was a pretty cool seed, wasn't it?

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