Witch Hut Seed With a Town

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One of the most exciting things about exploring new Minecraft world seeds is finding a previously unseen structure right by spawn. In this seed a witch hut generates just a few blocks away. Right beside that is a town with a blacksmith and chest. Even better a hole in the ground nearby drops right into the top of a dungeon for quick access to more treasure.

Witch Hut Seed With a Town • Seed 21

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Minecraft Seed: ab87s

  • Witch Hut Seed Dungeon A minecraft world seeds

    Dungeon One: X:46 Y: 64 Z: -93

    When spawning into this seed the player will find themselves on the border of a plains biome, a swamp biome, and the ocean. Before exploring more than a few blocks an opening can be found in the hill at spawn. Just inside a patch of gravel has given way to reveal a zombie dungeon below. The following loot can be obtained from inside.

    Chest A

    • x1 Enchanted Book: Fire Aspect II
    • x1 Enchanted Book: Infinity I
    • x2 Iron Ingot
    • x2 Bucket
    • x1 Saddle

    Chest B

    • x8 String
    • x2 Bread
    • x3 Gunpowder
    • x1 Wheat

    witch hut seed minecraft world seeds

    Witch Hut: X:19 Y:67 Z:-183

    The witch hut can be found a short walk away right on the edge of the swamp biome. There are no chests in witch huts, but two types of mushrooms can be found growing all over it. Inside a crafting table and cauldron can be found creating quick and easy access to some workbenches.

    Witch Hut Seed Town Blacksmith minecraft world seeds

    Blacksmith: X: 97 Y: 66 Z: -221

    Just next to the Witch hut is a great little town. There are plenty of buildings to be used as starter shelters, and with all the villagers lots of vendors are available to get new supplies from. A blacksmith’s building can be found making for two furnaces to go with the earlier workbenches. Inside a chest can be found with the following loot.

    Chest A

    • x1 Iron Chestplate
    • x6 Iron Ingot
    • x3 Apple

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    • LodsoTNT March 24, 2014 Reply

      There is an abandoned mineshaft at x348, y30, z-331

    • nosoupforyou October 22, 2013 Reply

      there is a desert pyramid at x-341 y53 z-325

    • nosoupfotyou October 22, 2013 Reply

      there is a desert pyramid at x-341 y53 z-325

    • Edwindebock October 2, 2013 Reply


    • devemouse July 3, 2013 Reply


      In 1.6.1 there is diamond horse armor in blacksmith chest and some donkeys on the church tower.


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