The Perfect Island

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When Minecraft world seeds produce islands it can yield very exciting results. However, islands usually have a tendency to lack at least one essential element resulting in the need to sail immediately. This island seed is truly a gem in that it has every island essential including sugar cane, a single tree, a cave system, two dungeons with loot, and enough land for both farming and building.

The Perfect Island • Seed 9

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Minecraft Seed: coldwaffles

  • Upon spawning the player will be located on a very small sub-island with nothing  of interest on it. Immediately next to it sits the main island and should be reached promptly in order to prepare for the coming nightfall.

    Sub Island minecraft world seeds

    Once on the main island the player should quickly prepare themselves for battle with an army of archer skeletons. The first of the two dungeon spawners is close enough to the surface to be triggered, meaning the longer it takes to assault it the more skeletons will have poured out into the surrounding tunnels. There are no tunnels connecting it to the surface, entry can be obtained by digging straight down at X:-303 Y: 63 Z: 55. The following loot will be obtained after a successful assault.

    Chest A

    • x3 Iron bar
    • x2 Wheat
    • x2 Redstone dust
    • x2 Bread
    • x2 Seeds

    skeleton dungeon minecraft world seeds skeleton spawner minecraft world seeds island seed skeleton dungeon spawner chest minecraft world seeds

    After a (hopefully) successful assault preparations can be made to raid the second dungeon. This time the spawner is located deeper down and will not be triggered till an approach is made. However, it’s a spider spawner meaning it certainly wont be easy. The dungeon can be found by entering the natural cave opening located near the only tree on the island. With a little exploration and a successful attack the following loot will be found.

    Chest A

    • x7 Redstone dust
    • x5 Gunpowder

    Chest B

    • x3 Wheat
    • x1 Bread
    • x3 Gunpowder
    • x1 Bucket

    island seed cave entrance iron minecraft world seeds

    spider spawner dungeon chests minecraft world seeds

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    • Awesome December 15, 2013 Reply


    • logan December 1, 2013 Reply

      I at this website i only found one island i like

    • Anonymous November 2, 2013 Reply

      what’s the seed called?

      • Top Minecraft World Seeds November 6, 2013 Reply


    • Michael August 16, 2013 Reply

      There’s another dungeon at a desert island near the main island,the spawner is located in x -519 y 41 z 122

    • SirSavary August 15, 2013 Reply

      I really like this one, minimalist island survival seeds are great.

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