Extreme Hills Large Biome

extreme hills large biome minecraft world seeds
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When making Minecraft world seeds an option is given to enable large biomes. This seed used the option and it turned out to be a massive extreme hills environment. Floating islands, massive overhangs, perilous cliff faces, caverns and caves can be found stretching out in every direction. An excellent seed for extreme hills fans.

Extreme Hills Large Biome • Seed 22

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  • Extreme Hills Large Biome Spawn minecraft world seeds

    Life begins with a potentially fatal leap in this world. Spawn generates the player stranded on the side of a cliff with a thin layer of water below. The surrounding area consists of a very open extreme hills environment. Waterfalls pour from overhangs, and mountains defy physics in a stunningly scenic way.

    Extreme Hills Large Biome minecraft world seeds

    There is a disappointing lack of dungeons and topside structures in the area. However, the awesome environment and dense cave systems more than make up for the flaw. Essential minerals can be found with ease making for a simple, relaxing game.

    Extreme Hills Large Biome Cliffs

    One dungeon can be found deep underneath the spawn area. Fortunately it contains three enchanting books. Underground mine shafts can also be found nearby leading to a few more treasures. The following loot can be optioned from the dungeon.

    Dungeon Chest

    • x1 Enchanted Book: Unbreaking III
    • x1 Enchanted book: Knockback I
    • x1 Enchanted Book: Fortune I
    • x2 Wheat
    • x1 Bread
    • x2 Gunpowder
    • x2 String

    Extreme Hills Large Biome Dungeon

    Dungeon Coordinates: X:76 Y:13 Z:-4

    Extreme Hills Large Biome Abandoned Mines minecraft world seeds

    Abandoned Mines Coordinates: X:72 Y:16 Z:-14

    Bonus Screenshot

    minecraft world seeds archer mounting steve

    I’m not exactly sure how this happened, but I was lucky enough to catch a screenshot just before it disappeared.

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    • Gravymaster August 15, 2013 Reply

      Made a giant arching bridge between the mountains and a castle on top of the middle island. Looove this seed!

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