Dungeon Town

February 13, 2013
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Finding minecraft world seeds with more than one special feature can feel pretty impossible at times. However, sometimes you get lucky and land right next to a town with loot, four farms, a stunning cave system, all the coal and iron you could want, and two separate dungeons within spitting distance.

Dungeon Town • Seed 5

Previous Minecraft Seed: Arctic Ravine

Minecraft Seed: applejack5
(Pre 1.7.2 Only)

As you first spawn you will find you’re sitting on the outskirts of a small town staring at the face of a rock wall. Venturing closer to town you will immediately notice the four separate gardens bursting with useful crops for food and crafting. Surrounding the gardens you’ll notice the npc villagers wandering from several moderately sized houses that could easily work as an initial shelter.

Dungeon Town Plains Biome

Once in town you’ll want to immediately explore the blacksmiths house. On the inside you’ll discover a single chest tucked into the corner with some vital starting supplies. Inside the chest you will discover the following loot.

x3 Iron Ingot
x2 Gold Ingot
x2 Iron Sword
x2 Bread
x1 apple

Dungeon Town Plains Biome

On your way out of the blacksmith’s building you’ll likely notice a tunnel right next to the garden outside. At the end of the short tunnel is a dungeon chest protected by a zombie spawner. You’ll also have to get past the regular mobs that have spawned in the dark including a skeleton archer in golden armor. Should you make it to the chest alive you’ll find the following inside.

x1 Enchanted Book: Projectile Protection II
x4 Iron Bar
x2 Redstone Dust
x1 Bread
x1 Saddle
x1 Bucket
x1 String

Dungeon Town Plains Biome

Once you’ve retrieved your loot you will need to craft a pick to reach the connection to the next dungeon. Not to worry it’s only a few blocks away! You’ll want to return to the entrance of the tunnel next to the farm. On the wall opposite the corner of the farm dig out a doorway. A short ways in you should break through to a tunnel leading to a new cave system.

Dungeon Town Plains Biome


After exploring down the tunnel a ways you will begin to notice the ample supply of iron and coal in the walls. Shortly after you will probably notice the stream of spiders beginning to flow down the tunnel towards you. The cause of this would be our next dungeon at the end of the tunnel. Inside this one lays two chests guarded by a nasty spider spawner. Should you manage to fight your way inside you will be rewarded with access to a large mineral rich mine. Along with this  you will be able to loot the following from the chests.

Chest A
x1 Enchanted Book: Efficiency III
x8 Iron Bar
x2 Gunpowder
x1 Bucket

Chest B
x7 String
x2 Gunpowder
x1 Bread

Dungeon Town Plains Biome

Once you’re finished raiding your second dungeon head back to the surface. On the side of the garden facing the blacksmith’s house dig straight down at the position shown below. This will drop you into yet another mineral dense cave system featuring an underground spring running through the main chamber with plenty of tunnels to explore and mine.

Dungeon Town Plains Biome Dungeon Town Plains Biome

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Dungeon Town, 7.7 out of 10 based on 250 ratings


A few of my seeds seem to have been outdated with the 1.7.2 update, it could be this (most likely) or an issue with your installed mods. Sorry for the inconvenience :/

Top Minecraft World Seeds - December 8, 2013

Hi, why doesnt it work at my minecraft game? I dont spawn near a village, and theres no village on the mapp =[

Seraphhe - December 5, 2013

This seed is awesome. I loaded it in version 1.6.2 and not only does the town have two dungeons, but just to the north-east is a jungle that contains a jungle temple and across the ocean to the west is a desert with a desert temple.

Even better, I dug a random pinwheel mine just to the southeast of the town (still within sight, straight down to bedrock) and found two veins of diamond and an extensive abandoned mine with at least three more diamond veins.

This place is fantastic.

Wintermute - October 6, 2013

great map, found an abandoned temple on it with traps as well

will - February 23, 2013

All seeds are generated in the latest version, 1.4.7.

Top Minecraft World Seeds - February 3, 2013

What version/snapshot is this in?

Devo - February 3, 2013

That was a pretty cool seed, wasn't it?

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