[1.8] Triple Crater Caverns Seed [1.8] Extreme Savanna Hills 5 Towns and 2 Desert Temples at Spawn [1.8] Survivalist Variety Seed
1.8 minecraft seed triple crater caverns savanna extreme hills minecraft seed 1.8 5 Towns 2 Temples Minecraft Seed 1.8 1.8 minecraft seed extreme hills
1.8 minecraft seed triple crater caverns

[1.8] Triple Crater Caverns Seed

Let’s face it, most Minecraft adventurers love the underground exploration. It’s one of the shining jewels of Minecraft. This 1.8 Minecraft seed starts the player off with a whole host of options for getting under the earth and into those mineral rich caves immediately. With three adjacent craters, a large cavern running through a mountain, […]

savanna extreme hills minecraft seed 1.8

[1.8] Extreme Savanna Hills

If you’re into scenic Minecraft seeds this is the one for you. With towering savanna hills right by spawn this is one view that will never get old. There aren’t any above ground structures directly by spawn, but this allows for the survivalist to feel right at home. Looking for a challenge? Try this one […]

5 Towns 2 Temples Minecraft Seed 1.8

5 Towns and 2 Desert Temples at Spawn

Every now and then you get a Minecraft seed that completely surprises you, this is one of those seeds. I was pretty excited when I saw a town and a desert temple right by spawn, but to my delight after rendering a little further I saw not one, but TWO more towns, and a second […]

1.8 minecraft seed extreme hills

[1.8] Survivalist Variety Seed

This Minecraft seed features a good variety of biomes surrounding spawn. Perfect for survivalists this seed offers enough to get you started, but has a distinct lack of that instant leg up found in many seeds featuring towns and loot right by spawn. If you prefer your seeds minimalist yet full of variety, this is […]

1.8 savanna town minecraft seeds

[1.8] Simple Savanna Town

Spawning just outside of a savanna town, this 1.8 Minecraft seed provides plenty of wood and shelter to start of any style of gameplay. This seed features rivers, caves, mountains, and ocean access right from spawn. Complete with plenty of open space and resources, building oriented players will find this a comfortable home too. Savanna Town Seed • […]

1.7.9 jungle temple minecraft seeds

[1.7.9] Jungle Temple Extreme Hills Seed

This Minecraft seed spawns the player in dense jungle forest. Close by a jungle temple sits peacefully in the middle of a lake guarding some nice starting loot. Nearby many biomes can be found such as some excellent snow topped extreme hills, swampland, desert, and more. This seed is perfect for players who love some […]

Swamp Town Minecraft Seeds

[1.7.5] Swampland Town Seed

This Minecraft seed spawns the player in a town located on the edge of a large swampland biome. This seed has a nice variety of biomes, but the striking part about it is the massive number of cave entrances. With openings into the underground passageways found absolutely everywhere this seed is perfect for those that […]


[1.7.5] Savanna Plateau Witch Hut

This Minecraft seed spawns the player near a large savanna biome with tall mountains found within. There is an excellent variety of other biomes, filled with many cave entrances ripe for exploration. Long rivers snake through the area making travel much easier. In the far corner of this seed a witches hut can be found […]

mega taiga minecraft seeds 1.7.5

[1.7.5] Mega Taiga Town

This Minecraft seed spawns the player in a large variety seed. The majority of this seed consists of a large mega taiga biome, behind which a small town can be found. There are also roofed forest, taiga, extreme hills, plains, and mesa biomes to be found in the area. With tons of caves to explore […]