[1.7.5] Swampland Town Seed [1.7.5] Savanna Plateau Witch Hut [1.7.5] Mega Taiga Town [1.7.5] Floating Mountain Town
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Swamp Town Minecraft Seeds

[1.7.5] Swampland Town Seed

This Minecraft seed spawns the player in a town located on the edge of a large swampland biome. This seed has a nice variety of biomes, but the striking part about it is the massive number of cave entrances. With openings into the underground passageways found absolutely everywhere this seed is perfect for those that […]


[1.7.5] Savanna Plateau Witch Hut

This Minecraft seed spawns the player near a large savanna biome with tall mountains found within. There is an excellent variety of other biomes, filled with many cave entrances ripe for exploration. Long rivers snake through the area making travel much easier. In the far corner of this seed a witches hut can be found […]

mega taiga minecraft seeds 1.7.5

[1.7.5] Mega Taiga Town

This Minecraft seed spawns the player in a large variety seed. The majority of this seed consists of a large mega taiga biome, behind which a small town can be found. There are also roofed forest, taiga, extreme hills, plains, and mesa biomes to be found in the area. With tons of caves to explore […]

floating mountain town minecraft seed

[1.7.5] Floating Mountain Town

This Minecraft seed spawns the player next to an incredibly scenic snow topped extreme hills biome. Immediately next to the player a large floating mountain face can be found ripe for building an elevated base. The surrounding area is very forested, but offers many water passageways for easier travel. On the outskirts of this Minecraft […]

spawmpland island cluster seed

[1.7.5] Swampland Island Cluster Seed

This Minecraft seed spawns the player on a medium sized hilly island with plenty of trees. The surrounding waters include a cluster of smaller islands, another cluster of swampland islands, and a few promising outlets ripe for exploration. This is a great variety seed for players who love to keep things fresh! Swampland Island Cluster […]

Mordrum SMP Minecraft Server

[Minecraft Server Spotlight] Mordrum: Pure Survival

Mordrum is a pure survival server with a dedicated team of staff and loads of custom features developed by Mordrum, for Mordrum. If you’re looking for a different kind of Minecraft Server, you’re looking for Mordrum. Mordrum: Pure Survival Previous Post: Natural Fortress Minecraft Seed! Server IP: Play.Mordrum.com Home Page: Mordrum.com Live Map: map.mordrum.com

natural fortress minecraft seed 1.7.5

[1.7.5] Natural Fortress Minecraft Seed

This Minecraft seed spawns the player at the base of a massive cliff face with the natural shape of a large fortress. This seed is perfect for players who love to build, and especially those who enjoy crafting large forts, fortresses, and towns. How will you design your fortress? Natural Fortress Seed • Seed 42 […]

1.7.5 Survival Island Minecraft Seeds

[1.7.5] Miniature Survival Island Seed

This Minecraft seed spawns the player on a cluster of tiny islands. Nearby a land mass peeks out from the fog, riddled with cave entrances and readily available coal. Can you survive stranded on this tiny island, or will you venture down into the cave shafts nearby? A great seed for both challenge and exploration […]

mesa biome 1.7.5 minecraft seeds

[1.7.5] Mesa Plateau Ravine Seed

This Minecraft seed spawns the player in the base of a large colorful ravine. After climbing out the player will discover a vast, scenic mesa plateau biome stretching out around them. There is a small patch of savanna biome trees to supply the user’s initial tools. Perfect for players who enjoy a slightly more challenging […]

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